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2020 Water Ionizer Savings Award Goes to Hydropathy

Our Hydropathy Story...


At Ionizer King we love a royal love story. That's because since we've opened our doors years ago we've been in utterly in love with all of the Tyent water ionizers, and for good reason. We've tested every single water ionizer brand on the market, and Tyent beat the other brands and they ranked the highest in every single water ionizer category. After all of our testing, we were (and still are) 100% certain that Tyent truly is the most "ROYAL" of all water ionizer brands. 














However, over the years it has come to our attention that some consumers simply cannot afford to purchase the top water ionizer (Tyent), and so we were left with nothing to sell them. It's not in our nature as Royals (in the water ionizer industry) to sell anything less than noble ionizers (ionizers that perform), so we never represented a water ionizer brand that had a price tag less than $2,000.


Then, to our surprise, we started seeing a lot of buzz and articles being written about a new molecular hydrogen water machine that was less than $2,000. It was Hydropathy, and it piqued our majestic curiosity. So we bought one and tested it...









Wow! We were blown away. The results were incredible. The pH was high, the molecular hydrogen was significant (enough for a daily serving), and the filter report was pleasing.

Now, although it still doesn't compare to an electric water ionizer from Tyent, it will suit your hydrogen water needs if you're on a budget. And that's why we had to create an award category for Hydropathy...

Hydropathy is our new 2020 Royal Savings Ionizer Champ! 





So, if you're looking to save some royal cash on a hydrogen water machine, then go ahead and check out Hydropathy today. 

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